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Understanding the ball, and getting that ball rolling!

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Download the STORMWORKS Creative & Guest Conducting Fees.

Download the Commissioning Agreement PDF, fill it in and send to it Stephen. 

Please email

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To arrange a complete field show, please download Permission to Arrange in PDF.

To arrange portions of a field show from STORMWORKS, please invest in the original concert work(s) and then contact Tresona Music at

To commission a new, original work for the field, please contact Stephen after checking these Original Works for Winds & Percussion in Motion. (WPIM )

Download (to your desktop) a sortable, complete STORMWORKS catalog in Excel here:  This also lists all of the Commissioners to date.

Download a STORMWORKS 1990s-2020s Order Form in PDF here:

If you have played some of my “Storm” works Music before and if you would like to commission a new work, what you see below is what you can expect.  Why?  Because to me, this is much more than a “business”.  It is about leaving behind a lasting legacy of Inspiration, Faith, and Timeless Motivations in the Brotherhood of Humanity:




  1.  I usually provide a framed Photo of the Score Cover.  For those overseas, I create a framable PDF.
  2. A MIDI Mock-up of the new work in mp3 and/or .WAV.  It is not the optimum recording but helps to portray many aspects of the piece.
  3. A Commissioner's “Thank You” Letter.
  4. Beyond Composing, Orchestrating, and Recording, my work includes Typesetting the Score & Parts in Sibelius and exporting to PDF.
  5. A printed and bound 11X17 (Tabloid) Score and Master Set of Parts.  For those overseas, I create customized PDFs.
  6. All Logistics, Score Notes, Commissioning Statements, and Dedications as designed by you.
  7. Number 7 is what is most important.  The Music, which though it is always priceless, is set into a commissioning/fee system that I have not ever changed since the 1990s.  Having been a Teacher in public schools for 17 years, I well understand the budgets and parameters of those “in the trenches”.

If you are interested in commissioning a new work that will, after its premiere with you and your ensemble, be added to the STORMWORKS Library, become part of a new STORMWORKS Chapter, and eventually be recorded by the finest Musicians around the world, please call or write.  Thanks & Godspeed!  S

Here are "Titles" to inspire You, as You inspire me!

  • Our Reply to Violence
  • Future History
  • Spooky Action at a Distance
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • Döppleganger
  • More on Connecting the Dots (PDF Story available on request.)
  • SYNC
  • Chaos Theory
  • Dance of the Wu Li Master
  • Multiverse 3
  • Portrait of a Romantic Idealist
  • Hidden in the Light
  • In the Time(s) of Testing
  • When God is Silent
  • A Place We've Never Been
  • Afloat in a Miracle
  • RISK
  • Love Unleashed
  • Yesterday & Today, from Many, One
  • The Road Less Traveled
  • Rosebud
  • The World After Yesterday

Music from Ahab, a Love Story, & Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story by Stephen Melillo

  • Heartbreak & Shipwreck
  • Abbie's Theme
  • The White Whale
  • Isaac & Irene, a Love Beyond the War