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If you've just placed an order but did not receive a "success page" that is because my server has changed and several hundred buttons have been altered.  You will need to fill out the form below.  Please UNSpam your emails from or  Your school/organization is still needed for the Custom-watermarking of all Teaching Tools™ and Music.

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To say that STORMWORKS is "vast" is a vast understatement! If I were to stop all writing now and send you just one mp3 every 2 weeks, it would take more than 8 years before you heard, only once, all that was in your potential toolbox as Music Educators!  There are literally "Lifetimes" of Music Programming to explore. The Music, the Teaching Tools™, and I are resources in your arsenal as dedicated Teachers of Music.

RESOURCES for MUSIC EDUCATORS!  Download and unzip the 389MB Plethora!

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If you're ordering a Master Set of Parts, please remember that this is ONE-Page per Part.  Keep these originals safely stored and photocopy from them as needed.  When I was Teaching, the kids would get 3-ring binders with plenty of Plastic Sheet inserts.  They could then arrange their parts in these binders for easy page turns. 

Since 1996, (earlier for EPS) when Adobe invented it, I have been sending directors PDFs by email.  With these PDFs, you can print to the sizes you need and in the quantity to match your ensemble.  If there are ever any questions, always feel free to call.  Enjoy & Godspeed!  S